Thailand was never a colony, in contrast to other Southeast Asian neighbors. The French and British had a lot of influence. During the Japanese invasion of Thailand is spared. The role of the French at Dien Bien Phu in northern Vietnam and the region was taken over by the Americans. The Americans took advantage of Thailand and the Philippines their base to fight communism in Southeast Asia. America by many U.S. dollars were pumped into the capital Bangkok which evolved into the entertainment district of this region. Pattaya also has its origins are found in several food stands on the beach for the military it has grown into a city where everything is and 24 hours a day. The relationship with the Netherlands goes even further back in time to November 1601 when the ships Amsterdam and Gouda first Siam had trade contacts with the place Patani. (On the mainland at about Koh Samui). The first trading post was founded in 1604 in Ayutthaya in 2004 and is therefore the 400th anniversary celebration the relationship Interstate Thailand and the Netherlands.

Bangkok: Krung Thep (City of Angels) is the capital of Thailand and is in many ways to explore. The center is easily accessible and reachable by Skytrain where many malls have a great time to shop. Via the Skywalk, most centers are linked together. Bangkok is to discover what a bike of the best activities at the moment to explore Bangkok. (See our daytrips)

Pattaya: is Thailand's seaside resort with its many miles of beach, numerous restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. For day trips there is much to do as tracking elephants, crocodiles and tropical gardens run of noong Nooch Garden. Have you always wanted to dive there are hotspots where you encounter the most exotic fish swim under the guidance of Dutch experts. Popular are the transvestite show, which should not be missed. To discover Pattaya day tours, we have fun together, so something for everyone.
The most popular islands of Koh Samui and Thailand are Phuket in southern Thailand with white beaches and turquoise sea where you Thailand luxury holiday you can experience

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Chiang Mai:  The Rose of the North is in the north of Thailand, and lies on the ancient Silk Road. The temperature is so pleasant a popular area for winter during the hot season. The old town of Chiang Mai consists of a square with sides of approximately 2 km, surrounded by a moat. Around it, the city developed and the center has only been more than 100 temples, all worth a visit. On the night market is sell everything what happens in the region made including the famous umbrellas are not lacking. We have a tour formed to the north of Thailand to find out where all the historic and beautiful sights are discussed.

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a kingdom with an area of 513,115 km2, which corresponds to 12x Netherlands. The population there are now 65 million, with the religious Buddhism mostly 96% and 4% Islam. The official language is Thai and the currency is Baht.
Thailand has 3 seasons namely:
a hot season from March to May
a rainy season from June until October
a cool season (high season) from November to February.
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